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We love hearing from Hilleberg users all around the world as they share their adventures and experiences. Here are just a few of them. Contact us to get your story featured.

July 3rd, 2018

Hi, Just thought I'd send you a quick photo and anecdote about the new tent and a sneaky extra photo of the riding! Didn't have the best light to deal with but I kind of like the feel of it! I went to explore the Telkwa pass just outside of Smithers this weekend, and as the trail was super rough we were trying to keep weight down. I shared the Anjan 3 with 2 other bikers and we all slept beautifully in the shelter, and it didn't feel cramped at all! We meant to wake up with the sun at 6 o'clock but none of us woke up until 9 which is a real testament to how comfortable we were because we're all normally early risers. It was pretty rough riding, and the other couple I rode with were super impressed with the weight and sturdiness of the tent, and very happy they'd left their tent at home. Also, love the new pegs! Dan Mattison

June 11th, 2018

Hello Hilleberg, We just came back last week from our trip to Yukon to climb the highest mountain in Canada - Mount Logan, and are still recovering from all the wind and cold. If to be honest, there were some moments when I didn't know if we can make it alive. There are some places where you don't want to be caught in storm and this is exactly what happened to us. Weather forecasts are useless in St Elias range and the summit plateau is the worst spot be in bad weather. Wind gusts over 120 km/h, heavy snow, extreme cold (-40 C) was a casual day for us. I remember during one storm I was waiting for the tent to collapse due to extremely strong winds but Keron 3 stood like a champ. It's hard to put into words, however, Hilleberg tent proved (again) to be ultimate shelter in the most extreme situations and gave us peace of mind that it can handle anything. Even without a snow wall. Best Regards, Andrius Kirdeikis

June 4th, 2018

Dear Hilleberg The photos were taken at Mt. Gede Pangrango, West Java, Indonesia at 2989m. The weather was nice but very windy. At first I was worried about the windy weather. But my worries disappeared while in my Soulo tent, it made me comfortable. Thank you! Best regards, Rochmat

June 2nd, 2018

Hilleberg tent continues to deliver. I used my Akto and two visiting friends used my Nallo 3. We got a lot of rain, temps in the 30-50 range, 5 day trip. Noteworthy regarding the Nallo 3 is two guys, 6’1” and 6’3” (both hunters but this was a backpacking trip in the 9.5k elev range) reported the Nallo 3 has plenty of room for them and they felt “safe” in the rainstorms and rugged terrain with the tent I provided. I always feel secure in the Akto as well. Keep making great tents please! Take care, Tyson

May 30th, 2018

Hello Hilleberg Staff, This weekend my Akto & I enjoyed a night in Yoho National Park in British Columbia. Attached you will find a photograph taken a few minutes after sunrise on Sunday, the 27th. Loving the tent so far. Easy to set up and a breeze to pack. Enjoy the week! Best regards, Arthur

May 11th, 2018

Hello, The area was Falls Creek Montana near Monitor Mountain in Mid-November. I was with my long-time expedition buddy, Mark Siks. We ferried two packs to camp, essentially making 3 trips for one hike to our base camp for our deer hunt. The second day we were there the wind was blowing about 60 mph and trees had fallen and blocked the trail on our way back to camp after the hunt that day. It blew all night long and our Hilleberg’s withstood the challenge like champs. It is always good to know your camp will be in place after a long day of hunting in rugged terrain. Thank you Jim

May 7th, 2018

I love love my Allak! I bought it in March largely for use as a winter mountaineering tent and have used it winter backpacking in the Catskills of New York and most recently the Kenai Mountains in Alaska. I pitched the tent on the crest of a moraine in a glacial bowl and it was super solid in some pretty strong wind! The vestibules provided ample room for stashing gear and making the interior feel palatial for one. TO any interested buyers I highly recommend getting the footprint since it extends to cover the vestibule area. I also recently used it on a kayak trip with a couple of nights of rainfall - I stayed nice and dry and again enjoyed the roomy space if used as single person tent. The Allak is easily the best tent I have owned, and I have owned several tents. I bought it to replace an older and very excellent Sierra Designs 4 season tent that I used for a summer in Greenland. I'm hoping to get the Allak there one of these days! Wae Davis

March 27th, 2018

Hi Hilleberg, I’m sooooo glad I bought a Soulo. Nothing like it. Worth every ounce of carry. 25 mph wind. Quiet and rock solid. Still working on fine tuning the ventilation. Best, Max Zupon

March 12th, 2018

Good Morning Hilleberg Staff Thank you very much for making such great products and for supporting them here in the United States and beyond. This past weekend I put my new Soulo to uses on a short overnight trip on Mount Hood. I had a nice time! Lots of fresh snow provided me the opportunity to gain experience pitching the tent using a set of your snow & sand stakes. It was easy and enjoyable! I stayed warm and dry in the tent …. overnight temperature dipped just below 20 degrees F. Attached you will find a few photos from my experience. Best regards Arthur Mouratidis

March 9th, 2018

Hi Hilleberg! I took the Tarra out for a short overnight hike to Olallie Lake in the Cascades. It was so clear and quiet all night long until I was woken up to graupel pelting the tent in the morning. That was followed by snow shortly after. I really like this tent. So much, in fact, that it's actually pitched in my living room right now (drying..). Thanks! Bill Hinsee

March 1st, 2018

Hello, Hilda (our Nammatj 2) is now part of the family. We have lived in Hilda on trips up to 21 days long with mountainous snowstorm storms and temperate rainstorms. In those storms in remote wild conditions I feel safe in Hilda, enough to get a good sleep rather than worry about being tentless in dangerous conditions. I have found the Nammatj 2 to be incredibly versatile - we do lightweight or 3 person trips without the inner, and longer more comfortable trips with the inner tent. We have done trips with plagues of mosquitos without the inner, and the walls to the grounds keep out the mosquitos incredibly well. Once when teaching a glacier school we were hit by a sleet storm - 6 of us sat in the outer tent while packing our bags and warming up. When I first pitched the tent I was blown away by how solid it was, it is really easy and quick to get pitched well. The tunnel tent design is perfect - I had used a Macpac minaret for 20 years - Hilleberg’s tents are like the macpac's on steroids. Much much higher quality. The only issue I have had is that it can be mildly fiddly opening and closing the outer vents, though I’m not sure how this could be changed. All components feel well constructed, high quality and well planned out. I have already convinced a few friends to go Hilleberg, and will continue to do so! Cheers, Arran Whiteford

February 27th, 2018

Hello, You guys probably hear this a lot about your tents. Took my brand new Rogen for a test drive over the weekend. Made it to the top of Priest Mountain when an ice storm hit. Stuck inside my tent for 14 hrs while it was pelted with rain/ice/sleet and snow. My 3 season tent became a 4 season tent and did a tremendous job. Totally encased in ice when I exited the tent the following morning! Love your product! Thanks, Keith Vincent

February 12th, 2018

Hi everyone at Hilleberg, I've been using my Soulo for a while now and love it but wanted to try one of your larger tents so I recently bought a Tarra and took it on its maiden voyage last weekend to Paradise, Mt Rainier, Washington, USA. What a great tent! Easy to pitch. Easy to take down. Lots of space. It's going to be difficult to pick which tent to take on adventures now but I guess that's a good predicament to be in. Thanks for all your work! Bill Hinsee

January 22nd, 2018

Hi Hilleberg, I use my Akto an awful lot though I guess I'm a very casual Akto user and I guess now my Akto doesn't get used as you ever intended it to; it's seen trips to the Highlands and lives amongst the Lakes and the usual sort of use you'd expect, but for the past few months my Akto is my permanent bedroom and I love it. I work away from home in the Lake District of the UK working for a large conservation organization; I am extremely lucky to spend all my work time and as much of my spare time as possible amongst the hills. I must admit I've swopped out the yellow inner for the mesh inner tent and always use that; I love it, in any season. Feeling a breeze across my face at night, being able to watch snow build up or watch rain droplets linking together and running down the outer. I love too the moving silhouettes of grasses, Junipers or heathers. These are just a few of the relaxing moments using the mesh inner brings to me; keeping me closer to that outside world I need so much. There are of course amusing and enlightening moments too, like being joined inside the tent by a bemused red squirrel or watching unusual insects going about their daily chores on the other side of the mesh. Thanks Hilleberg for a great bedroom. Mal Edwards