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What are the dimensions of your tents when they are packed?

We pack all our tents in generously cut stuff bags. This allows you to more easily pack your tent when it is cold, wet and windy in the mountains. As a result, the packed size is somewhat bigger than it would be with a more tailored stuff bag. All stuff bags, excluding those for our largest group tents, are approximately 50 cm (19 in) long and have plenty of room for your tent as well as the poles and pegs in their stuff begs. The length of our pole sections is 45 cm (17 in), except for our 17 mm poles, which have 51 cm (20 in) long sections.

The following dimensions are approximate sizes only:

Akto, Anjan 2, Enan, Niak19 in long x 4 in diameter
Nallo 2, Nallo 3, Soulo, Anjan 3, Rogen19 in long x 5 in diameter
Unna, Nammatj 219 in long x 5 in diameter
Nammatj 3, Jannu, Nallo 4, Allak, Nallo 2 GT, Anjan 2 GT19 in long x 6 in diameter
Nallo 3 GT, Nammatj 2 GT, Nammatj 3 GT, Keron 3, Keron 4, Nallo 4 GT, Kaitum 2, Kaitum 2 GT, Kaitum 3, Kaitum 4, Staika, Tarra, Anjan 3 GT19 in long x 7 in diameter
Kaitum 3 GT, Kaitum 4 GT, Nammatj 3 GT, Keron 3 GT, Keron 4 GT, Saivo19 in long x 8 in diameter
Altai21 in long x 7 in diameter
Atlas, Saitaris21 in long x 10 in diameter

These stuff bags can, of course, be compressed, but we do not make and sell – nor do we recommend – true compression bags. Such bags overly compress the tent, which can damage the fabric and/or the zippers.

For easier packing into your backpack, we recommend that you pack the tent only into its stuff bag, which yields a very malleable, easy to stow package. Then pack the pegs in their stuff sack along with the poles in the pole bag, and slide the resulting 45 cm/17 in long package down the interior side of your pack.