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Yellow Label

Yellow Label tents are the best choice if light weight is your highest priority and if you travel in the snow-free months and in protected terrain, or in warmer climates.

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We engineer our Yellow Label tents principally to be lightweight. Intended for use in warmer climates and in snow-free conditions, these models have inner tents with large mesh panels which cannot be covered, and shorter outer tent walls. This ensures they have superb warm-weather venting, but can also make them feel cold in cooler conditions. Yellow Label models are perfect for long or short trips in more protected terrain, but, while they do have remarkable strength, their lighter weight materials and their design make them less than ideal for fully exposed or high altitude terrain or far removed adventures.

Yellow Label tents are constructed with our lightest materials:
  • Our Kerlon 1000 outer tent fabric, with an 8 kg/17.6 lb tear strength.
  • 9 mm poles.
  • 2 mm guy lines.
  • Our lightest inner tent and floor fabrics.
  • Lighter weight zippers.
Yellow Label tents are designed to be very light and to provide comfort appropriate to use in warmer climates and/or snow-free conditions:
  • Outer tent does not go all the way to the ground, offering a lightweight balance of weather protection and constant air flow.
  • Different length poles reduce weight.
  • Large, fixed mesh panels on the inner tent and shorter outer tent walls create constant cooling air flow (which can feel cold in cooler conditions).
  • The interior is designed to maximize light weight while providing sufficient roominess.

Redesigned for 2017, the Anjan and Anjan GT models are excellent backpacking tents for any trip during the snow-free months of the year. Seen here not far from the Hilleberg office in Jämtland, Sweden.

Yellow Label tents offer very light weight and remarkable weather protection. The kinds of warmer weather trips you can use them on is limited only by your imagination! Here, a Niak and an Anjan prove perfect for an adventure bike outing in the Swedish mountains.

Yellow Label tents offer the consummate warm weather, lightweight, backcountry shelter solution and users willing to give up comfort for super light weight will find their inherent strength equal to surprisingly tough challenges.

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  • Available in 2 & 3 person sizes
  • 1 entrance/1 vestibule
  • Kerlon 1000 outer tent fabric

Anjan 2Anjan 3

Anjan GT

  • Available in 2 & 3 person sizes
  • 1 entrance/1 extended vestibule
  • Kerlon 1000 outer tent fabric

Anjan 2 GTAnjan 3 GT


  • 2 person
  • 2 entrances/2 vestibules
  • Kerlon 1000 outer tent fabric

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  • 2 person
  • 1 entrance/1 vestibule
  • Kerlon 1000 outer tent fabric

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  • 1 person
  • 1 entrance/1 vestibule
  • Kerlon 1000 outer tent fabric

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Three Season

Yellow Label tents offer lightweight backcountry shelter for a warm weather.

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