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New for 2019: The Allak 3

Both the original two-person Allak, now called the Allak 2, and the new three-person Allak 3 are go-to tents for nearly any adventure in any season. Both are impressively strong, remarkably light, and fully freestanding with two entrances and two integrated vestibules. These all-season all arounders are strong enough for basecamp use yet light enough for mobile journeys, and their fully freestanding construction makes them especially good in tough pitching conditions.

The Allak 3 will be available in April, 2019.

Preorder yours in January.

Allak 2 & 3

The Allak 3 (left) will easily accommodate three people and their gear, just as the original Allak 2 (right), will comfortably handle two. The Allak 3 is also an excellent choice for two people who want more space, or who adventure with a dog.

Optional Mesh Inner Tent

An optional Mesh Inner Tent is available for both the Allak 2 and Allak 3. The Mesh Inner Tent can be used on its own, or it can be buttoned into the outer tent, replacing the standard inner tent.

Allak 3

Red Label

Minimum Weight
Packed Weight

Inner Tent Area

Vestibule Area

Outer tent fabric

Poles (9 mm)


3.2 kg/7 lbs 1 oz
3.7 kg/8 lbs 3 oz

3.8 m2/40.9 ft2

2 x 0.8 m2/2 x 8.6 ft2

Kerlon 1200

3 x 406 cm
3 x 159.8 in

14 V-Pegs

"Minimum Weight" refers to the outer and inner tents and the poles only. "Packed Weight" includes all items that come with the tent.

  • Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric and 9mm poles make for a very lightweight yet supremely stable tent.
  • All season construction: outer tent walls extend to the ground and mesh areas are backed with adjustable fabric panels.
  • Dome construction with multiple pole crossing points provide outstanding snow-load handling capability.
  • Plenty of room for three occupants and their gear.
  • Linked but separable inner and outer tent for simultaneous pitching.
  • Fully free standing dome design requires no pegs for pitching, and the straightforward short sleeve and clip pole system make for quick, easy set up.
  • An optional footprint covers the entire area of the outer tent, including the vestibules. It connects directly to the tent, and can be left attached during pitching.
  • The inner tent can be replaced with a Mesh Inner tent (sold separately).
  • The outer and inner tents can be used separately. Pitching the inner tent alone requires optional pole holders.