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January 16th, 2018

Hello, Last year you helped me a lot with your invaluable advice when I was looking for a proper tent for my needs. As a result, I bought the Anjan 2, and I just want to tell you that I am very happy with that choice. I have spent a couple of weeks in the Chilean Patagonia, travelling solo with my new tent. Was perfect! Easy to set up, light and very strong. I’ve had rain, some snow, strong winds and freezing nights and I always felt comfortable and protected. I want to share these photos, and, as you can see in one of them, I wasn't the only impressed with this tent The photo with the “guanaco” (is the wild version of the domesticated llama) was taken on October 10, 2017 in Patagonia Park, Chacabuco Valley, near the town of Cochrane. The photo of the Anjan in front of the mountain range was taken on October 8, 2017, also in Patagonia Park. And the photo of me in the snow was taken on October 2, 2017 in Glacier Exploradores, near Puerto Rio Tranquilo. Cheers, Martin

December 15th, 2017

Hi Hilleberg, Generally when I'm spleeping in my Nallo I am as far from civilization as I can get. There are those times though, when it serves as a perfect backyard escape! Thanks, Jesse

November 27th, 2017

Hi Hilleberg, Hope you’ve been well and had a great summer season! In August, I finally completed my New Zealand sea kayak expedition through Fiordland National Park. Took a total of six months, so it was great to have a spacious tent! Here are some pics of where the Nammatj 3 got to ;) The tent held up really well in various storms – the double poles worked a treat! Also nice and tall enough to sit up in, for a tall person like myself. Made quite the change from my Akto! I was stoked to have this little beauty with me, and in some fairly wild weather at that. As the footprint is not too big, I was able to tuck it in amongst the trees in some unlikely places. Felt good to have something solid and trustworthy to live in. The floor held up very well in a downpour that partially flooded my campsite – felt like a waterbed, but it didn’t leak! The soil was grass on sand, but the rain was too heavy to drain away. Talk about Fiordland storms and rain forest! Many thanks and with kind regards, Henriette Beikirch

November 7th, 2017

Hello Hilleberg, Our Anjan 3 is known to us as Gloria, because of her sunny inside. She's very roomy for two, light enough, and has withstood freezing temperatures, the searing sun and ferocious winds in the Andes of South America. I hope to spend many more nights enclosed in her strong embrace. Thank You! Andy

October 26th, 2017

Hi there lovely people at Hilleberg! I ordered a two-person Niak from you last fall and then proceeded to use it as my primary residence for many days over the past year. It traveled with me through Northern India on into the Himalaya in Nepal, to Spain, and then through Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. THANK YOU! The tent functioned beautifully in well-below 0 F (-18 C) temps, winds, rain. I thoroughly appreciated having it as my home and the care and quality put into its design. Thanks a bunch! Hope you are having a beautiful day! -Katie Newbury

September 25th, 2017

Hi Hilleberg, I recently purchased the Staika. It is an awesome tent. I am very impressed with it. We have taken two trips with the tent so far. Recently we spent 4 nights at Conundrum Hot Springs outside of Aspen, Colorado, USA to see the leaves change. We were camping at 11,200 feet in the same location by the springs for all 4 nights. We experienced some weather every night and the tent did really well. The first night we hiked in the weather was sleeting and foul and when we pitched the tent it we were soaked. We really loved being able to set it up, jump in, and get dry. Very well thought out. Here are some photos from the last trip I took with the tent. Thanks, Matt

September 12th, 2017

Hi Hilleberg team, I finally got a chance to use my Nallo 3. I get up into the eastern Sierra Nevada 2-3 times a year and it can be very windy. Every year trucks get completely blown onto their sides on highway 395. Naturally the tent was amazing. It was at 10.5k feet for three days and nights at Gardisky Lake in Inyo National Forest, Mono County, CA, USA. Thanks, Tyson Kamp

September 7th, 2017

Hello Hilleberg, My wife and I picked up one of your Allak tents last year to serve as our go-to international bicycle touring and winter adventuring tent and couldn't be much happier! The tent is totally bomb-proof and we've enjoyed it around our home in Montana as well as on a month long bicycle tour in Ecuador last fall. I thought I'd send you an image of it from one of our favorite campsites of our Ecuador trip, at the foot of Cotopaxi! Enjoy and thank you for the lovely tent! Zach

August 14th, 2017

Hi, After a long search for the best tent for my needs my choice was the Hilleberg Unna. I haven't regretted that for one second. I bought the tent twenty years ago and I just calculated that I have slept in it more than 500 nights during those years and in all kind of situations, sunshine, pouring rain and snow; from summer lawn to 3 weeks north Lapland fell hiking in January. I really love my Unna. It is still almost like new. My inner tent is sawn by Sonja Vestlinder so if she is still there, give her big thanks :) The outer tent had another name but it has worn off. Thanks for making these wonderful tents, when it's time to buy a new one I will look no further... Best Regards, Niku Vainio

August 10th, 2017

Hi Hilleberg, I just got back from a 12 day camping trip at Philmount Scout Camp in the Southern Rockies in New Mexico. It was monsoon season with wind and rain most of the time and it wasn't until the very last  night that I got up to a dry tent due to no rain overnight and breezy conditions. (Finally! A little late, but at least I didn't have to fly home with a wet tent.) For the record; The Anjan outperformed the other tents that I saw at Philmont by a LONG way. The rest of my crew used Philmont's tents, but there is no way I'll use a tent I've never seen or tested myself. (A lesson learned 30+ years ago.) I even got comments from the rangers that came through when they saw the Anjan on how much they wanted a Hilleberg, which then prompted a lot of questions from everyone else on the crew about what the big deal about a Hilleberg is... and of course I shared. (I've owned 20-30 tents over the last 40 years.) Everyone else complained about being wet to some degree, but my son and I woke up dry every single morning even when it blew heavy heavy rain overnight, with just a tiny bit of condensation dampness on our clothes which is unavoidable under such awful weather conditions. My son was VERY happy and suddenly, he thinks that dad may know what he is talking about when it comes to backpacking. It rained some every single day, save one. Our crew covered 10K feet in climbing and 135 miles, with my son and I sleeping in the Anjan 2. So now this is my second favorite tent. My Kaitum 3 is still my favorite and the most condition flexible tent I own, although that is a 4 season and considerably heavier and bulkier, so not really comparable. The Kaitum 3 is the tent I take when my wife goes with me, as she likes the extra room and she has me to bear the extra load. Thanks again, Scott Myers

August 8th, 2017

Hi Hilleberg, My first Hilleberg experience was a late fall backpack hunt in thigh deep snow and harsh wind. My partner and I leaned hard on our sleeping bag ratings but sheltered well in a Nallo 2 GT. After that trip I was sold. What I thought were good quality backpacking tents paled in comparison to the strength: weight ratio of the Nallo. I saved up to buy an Allak shortly thereafter, which I've now had for about 8 years. I've used it hard in all seasons and it's still in great condition. I've tried an handful of others during that time, including the Unna, Enan, and Niak. I am loving the Niak for solo use and backpacking with my kids. Any time I bring a new backpacker or hunter into the field they are blown away at the build quality of you shelters. I hunt alone in remote places and push myself physically, so the Tarp 5 has been equal parts insurance and flexible sleep system for me in the spring and fall. Your shelters consistently help me have a positive experience in the outdoors, whether backpacking, hunting, or climbing mountains. Thanks and keep up the greatness! Glenn

June 29th, 2017

Hello Hilleberg Team! I just wanted to check in and say thank you for your fabulous products!! I recently purchased the Niak from you, with all the fixins. Such a beautiful tent and design; excellent job my friends!! Sadly, I must admit that I had to sell my Soulo in order to obtain this new Niak, holy Sh*% will I miss that tent! I am not a mountaineer, but I can only imagine how magnificent in design and execution your expedition tents are?!! I just had to check in and say thank you for providing me with the best tent/shelter out of all my crews, and offering me with unparalleled security (even in a 3-season tent :). Keep up the fantastic innovation and indefatigable work!! Nicholas Gunter

May 19th, 2017

Thank you for making your Windsack! I bought one this past winter after having been jealous of my friend who already had one. It goes with me on all trips, is easy to use and has SO MANY USES! It is a piece of gear that allows me to enjoy the mountains in a whole new dimension. Imagine that a piece of safety equipment can give so much happiness, even when there is no crisis, such as when there is just a little bit of a cold wind and you want some respite from it. Or, like today, when I was birdwatching in a tree stand for three hours and was so cold, up until I put the Windsack over me like a tent, and the temperature rose multiple degrees. And it allowed me to still use my hands and see out through the zippered openings. Wonderful! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am! Warm wishes Caroline Öhman Undersåker, Sweden

May 15th, 2017

Hello Hilleberg Team, During our week-long ski tour in Hardangervidda in Norway, the Allak and Nallo GT were again our safe, comfortable homes in all kinds of weather. Especially on winter tours above tree-line we are completely dependent on our gear. Because of that you lay there at night in the tent and think, “What is going to happen – but then…it is a Hilleberg…” and you fall right back asleep. Then in the morning you wake up well rested and super fit. With our Hilleberg tents, we have crossed the Hardangervidda multiple times in the summer. The tents have been on Spitsbergen. This summer they will come with us on Kungsleden in Sweden. The freestanding Allak has found itself on small cliffs in the Swedish archipelago, while the lighter Nallo with the GT-vestibule has become the perfect gathering space when the kitchen, which we often locate between the tents, is not so pleasant any more. Almost all our friends who enjoy adventures as much as we do have also bought Hilleberg tents. Please keep up the good work! Regards from Kim and Helmut from Germany